The Blue Owl is really two unique, but complementary, farming operations that fit nicely into the cycle of seasons. The public face of our business is Blue Owl Garden Emporium, but there's more going on, as explained below.

Blue Owl Garden Emporium a small herb farm that produces culinary and crafting herbs, as well as unusual 19th c. heirloom fruits, flowers, and vegetables for sale at local markets.

Blue Owl Hollow a 130-acre tree farm in NE Licking County where we harvest log-grown culinary mushrooms, native nuts and berries, and a variety of woody crafting materials. These products are also offered for sale in local markets and by special order.

Late fall, winter, and early spring months are devoted to work on the tree farm. The spring, summer, and early fall seasons usually find us tending the herb gardens when we're not at market. Visitors are welcome at either operation during any season, but please call or email ahead to arrange a tour.

February 2024

Loose-leaf teas:


Dried herbs
(~150 varieties)

Forest products:

Crafted products: