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Blue Owl Garden Emporium herb farm offers locally and sustainably grown culinary herbs, edible flowers, herbal seasoning blends and teas, and a variety of other herbal concoctions. With about 200 dried herbs available during the winter and as many as 175 fresh ones during the summer, it's likely we can fill your every culinary herb need. All grown in Licking Co. Ohio without synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

We also offer culinary mushrooms, grow-your-own mushroom logs, native fruits, and various other forest edibles in season from our forest farm, Blue Owl Hollow. Our mushroom selection is seasonal and includes: shiitake, nameko, mukitake, several oysters, wine-cap stropharia, lion's mane, reishi, and maitake. Not content with mere comestibles, we have a growing line of forest-derived crafts, such as rustic "rosewood" buttons (cleverly created from that invasive shrub every forest landowner loves to hate, multiflora rose!), fatwood firestarters, and Swedish log candles.

Our fascination with unusual-but-useful plants ensures that we always have something of interest on hand. Blue Owl products are available at several Central Ohio farmers markets and small businesses. Visiting the farmers market hasn't been quite the same since COVID-19, but we still have food to sell and you can still participate in the local economy! Thank you for your patience and support as we all find our way through this challenging time.

Early 2022 News: Back from sabbatical

Our long-anticipated sabbatical is over -- sigh -- but the seasons are changing and it's time to get back into the old routine. The break was a lovely opportunity to dig deeply into various projects, both mundane and creative. Old projects were revisited, new projects conceived, more time was spent reading, new outlets for creativity were explored (some not even farming-related, imagine!), and priorities were examined or re-arranged. The time was too short, but it was a productive interlude nonetheless.

Mushroom Workshare time again!

The mushroom inoculation season is running a bit late this year (Winter Storm Landon, spawn supply delays, etc.) and we've got just shy of 200 logs to get done before herb season gets rolling. That means plenty of opportunities for the rest of you to learn more about small-scale mushroom production while earning credit towards your very own log. Here's how it works:

Every Sunday afternoon (noon-4) and Tuesday all-day (10-6) for about 6 weeks in very early spring, you have the opportunity to join me in renewing Blue Owl Hollow's mushroom production infrastructure by inoculating new hardwood logs with various types of culinary mushroom spawn. You'll learn the process and have the opportunity to earn your own log to take home. This year we'll start Sunday, Apr 3 and continue through Tuesday, May 10. It's almost time, sign up now! Email if you are interested. The workshare dates are:

Can't make it at any of those times? Contact me and maybe we can arrange something.


We're about to finish up our 9th season selling at the Worthington Winter Farmer's Market and it was certainly an interesting one. First, due to uncertainty about redevelopment of the Shops at Worthington Mall, we sold OUTSIDE on High St. in downtown Worthington until Christmas and will be again for the month of April. That's the same location as the summer market and our spot is kitty corner across the street from the Market booth, on the west side of High St. Unlike the summer market, the hours are 9 AM - noon. More details about the move can be found on the Worthington Farmer's Market website.

With May comes the Granville Summer Market held Saturdays 8:30 - noon, at the usual Racoon Valley Park location at the south end of River Rd. We're looking forward to another productive season there, seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Don't forget that we still stock items at Keller Market House in Lancaster OH year-round. In addition to in-house items, a number of individual dried herbs are available only through KMH's online order system as well as the usual value-added teas, seasonings, jar mixes, etc. Be sure to check it out.

Herbs and Mushrooms:

Seed orders are in and seed-starting is underway. The first perennial herbs of spring are up and growing -- can you say RAMPS! -- and early shiitakes are buttoning on the their logs. This is one of those great Ohio weather-whiplash weeks with daytime highs in the low 30s followed by a day or 2 of balmy 70s, so it's unclear what will be available by the first April market, but certainly by the second, we'll have lovely fresh items for sale.

Always available, we have our extensive dried herb, tea and seasoning selection. A couple of new teas are in the works, but it's the dried herbs that really shine. It really is an amazing collection of herbs.... did you know we have saffron, the most expensive herb in the world? Or makrut lime leaves, impossible to find except in speciality markets? How about edible flowers, such as rose petals (or even whole rose buds), lilacs, meadowsweet, or elderflowers? We also have exotic herbs from around the world such as Mexican tarragon, red shiso, Cuban oregano, Greek mountain tea, Cretan marjoram, to name a few. We carry herbs native to the North American forests as well: spruce tips, spicebush berries, ramps, stinging nettle, smooth sumac, mountain mint, bee balm. And everything in between..... Come check it out a tthe market or visit the Blue Owl website where _most_ current products are listed on the Blue Owl Products page.

One new project is to re-locate many of my dye herbs to the newly opened Newark Cultural Arts Center Store, right off the square in downtown Newark. The Newark Cultural Arts Center is the dream child of a former Granville Farmer's market vendor, Anton Sarossy-Christon, and has been providing creative outlets for Licking Co. citizens for several years now; the store is the natural extension of his vision. I spend several hours a week at the Center in the weaving studio (my own creative time) and will soon be stocking various dye herbs there for sale to natural dye enthusiasts. We're still working out the packaging details, mostly package sizes, so you fiber artists out there, please let one of us know what you'd like to see for sale locally, esp. package sizes, typical batch sizes, herb reqeuests, natural mordants, etc. We'd love the feedback!

2022 Blue Owl Schedule:

Worthington Winter Farmers Market
For the 2021-2022 winter season, the Worthington Winter Market will be located outdoors in the heart of downtown Worthington OH on Saturdays, from 9 AM to noon, November - December and April. After a nice sabbatical break, Blue Owl will be in attendence on the following weeks:
  • Apr 2
  • Apr 9
  • Apr 16
  • Apr 23
May 7, 2022. Granville Farmers Market summer season opens. The summer season runs every Saturday through the end of October.
Saturdays, 8:30 - noon. Market is located at Racoon Valley Park at the South end of River Road in Granville. The Blue Owl will NOT be at market these Saturdays (mostly the last Sat of the month, to give us a chance to catch up on things on the farm):
  • May14 (Denison graduation)
  • June 11 & 18th (time to celebrate our anniversary!)
  • July 2
  • July 30
  • Aug 27
  • Sept 24
  • Oct 29

Past news items of interest, including links to various presentation materials, are also available.

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