Welcome to the Blue Owl!

Blue Owl Garden Emporium herb farm offers locally and sustainably grown culinary herbs, edible flowers, herbal seasoning blends and teas, and a variety of other unusual herbal concoctions. With about 200 dried herbs available during the winter and as many as 175 fresh ones during the summer, it's likely we can fill your every culinary herb need. All grown in Licking Co. Ohio without synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

We also offer culinary mushrooms, grow-your-own mushroom logs, native fruits, and various other forest edibles in season from our forest farm, Blue Owl Hollow. Not content with mere comestibles, we have a growing line of forest-derived crafts, such as rustic "rosewood" buttons (cleverly created from that invasive shrub every forest landowner loves to hate, multiflora rose!).

Our fascination with unusual edibles ensures that we always have something of interest on hand. Blue Owl products are sold locally at farmers markets and small businesses. Come visit and support the local economy!

Late 2019 News

T'is the season for reflection, now that farm activities have (mostly) moved inside. 2019 gave us much to consider. It was indeed a challenging year, but we still have much to be grateful for: a roof over our heads, food on the table, tools to farm with, and health to keep on doing what we love, despite the ups and downs. That is a lot! But there will be challenges ahead. In order to better meet them, we will be taking a bit of a break in 2020 -- call it a sabbatical -- to reflect on the changing environment and make plans for the next 15 years or so. Yes, it HAS been 15 years since our Blue Owl venture was launched! And high time to spend some quality rejuvenation time to work on infrastructure projects, new product ideas, farming direction and transition, and many other things. We'll not disappear completely, but our market dates will be reduced Jan 2020 through Fall 2020. Despite that, we'll still do classes at Keller Market House and host the annual Blue Owl Mushroom Workshare in the spring. So stay tuned for more details and developments!

Blue Owl Sabbatical: So what does it mean to take a sabbatical from farming? Well, at least in herb (and forest) farming, you DON'T stop growing things! But by cutting back where you can and doing fewer markets, it's possible to spend time on projects that just never had a chance to get off the ground before, e.g., writing a Blue Owl Cookbook?, overseeing some historic restoration projects? installing an inspected kitchen for value-added products? developing some forest farming research grant proposals? testing new product ideas? Lots of possibilities.

And then there's planning for the future. The next 15 years will see even more climate instability and subsequent ramifications for farming, whether conventional or sustainable or regenerative or whatever. And we'll be getting 15 years older. Difficult to predict what might happen and there are so many variables, but some plan is better than NO plan.

Taking a sabbatical does not mean disappearing entirely. We will still be selling at the Saturday farmer's market every other week or so. Not much will change for our winter market selections; the main difference you'll see at the summer market will be fewer fresh herbs for sale. We'll focus on dried herbs, herbal teas and seasonings, and fresh mushrooms, but fresh herbs will be available only by request. As always, we encourage customers to contact us with such requests, which we will fill if possible.

Classes at Keller Market House: Blue Owl offers occasional classes at the historic Keller Market House in downtown Lancaster, OH. Here's what's currently on the schedule:

Holiday Baking with Herbs - Tuesday, December 10th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Herbs aren't just for tea or soup, herbs can be for dessert, too! Those lemon herbs that give a *zing* to your summer sun tea can do the same for holiday cookies and sweet breads. Then there's the basils.... not just for pesto! Come and learn new and different ways to spice up your winter-time baking with dried herbs that have captured summer's memories. Join local herb farmer Janell Baran of Blue Owl Garden Emporium in exploring a variety of suitable baking herbs and spices - many locally and sustainably grown right here in central Ohio - as well as busy-day baking techniques. Attendees will have an opportunity to sample various herbal yummies (accompanied by some Blue Owl tea) and take away holiday herbal recipes to try at home. Class fee is $35. Register on the Keller Market House website.

Worthington, OH - The Worthington Indoor farmer's market season has begun and continues through April. If you haven't completed your holiday shopping (who has?!?), it's a great place to shop local! We'll be inside the Shoppes at Worthington mall every Saturday, 9 - noon, through Dec., and every other week starting in Jan. For 2020 market weeks, check our 2019-2020 Schedule below.

If you can't find us at a convenient time or place, remember that Blue Owl products are available year-round at Keller Market House in Lancaster OH and Brasseur's Botanicals in Newark OH or by appt for pickup at Blue Owl Hollow.

2019-2020 Blue Owl Schedule:

Nov 3, 2019. Worthington Indoor Winter Farmers Market begins!
Saturdays 9 AM - noon, November through April, inside the Shoppes at Worthington mall, Worthington OH. Blue Owl will attend the following weeks:
  • Nov 2, 9, 16
  • Dec 7, 14, 21, 28
  • Jan 11, 25
  • Feb 8, 22
  • Mar 7, 21
  • Apr 4, 18
Dec 10, 2019. Holiday Baking with Herbs class.
6:30 - 8:00 pm at Keller Market House, Lancaster OH. Come learn how herbs can spice up your holidays even more!
May 2, 2020. Granville Farmers Market summer season opens!
Saturdays, 8:30 AM - noon, downtown on Main St. between College and Broadway, Granville OH May through the end of October. Very much subject to change, Blue Owl will be at market these Saturdays:
  • May TBA
  • Jun TBA
  • Jul TBA
  • Aug TBA
  • Sep TBA
  • Oct 3, 10, 17, 24

Past news items of interest, including links to various presentation materials, are also available.

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